5 Tips for a Sustainable Summer


Is there a right way to hydrate? Of course, there is! This summer, look smart and do your part by sporting your very own reusable water bottle.

In Canada, 5.3 million single-use water bottles are thrown away each day. They make their way into our Great Lakes and landfills. When you choose reusable water bottles, you help fight against the plastic waste crisis.

SIP CLEANReusable straws make a difference. They are made of recyclable materials and not produced in high quantities like plastic straws.

REFRESH & KEEP COOL. Make sure to replenish your skin this summer with our natural and sustainable FACE & BODY MISTS. They were created to quench your skin’s thirst and boost your mood instantly. Each bottle is 100% recyclable with ethically sourced ingredients. 


The small changes you make at home to save energy help reduce air and water pollution as well as conserves natural resources. This creates a healthier living environment for people everywhere.

UNPLUG & SAVE. Unplugging your devices help reduce your energy demand and carbon emissions, and save up to 10% on your electric bill! To ensure the home is even more environmentally friendly, invest in power strip outlets. Multiple devices can be switched off with a single cord.

GET SHADEY. While you’re out, put down your window blinds and open up! Your blinds will absorb the heat and the cool breezes will circulate throughout your home.


For decades, we’ve relied on plastic bottled sunscreen formulas. These bottles are rarely recyclable threatening the ocean and its ecosystem. We opt for a more sustainable approach like sunscreen in aluminium packaging.

PROTECT YOUR SKIN & THE OCEAN. TANIT SPF 30+ is an ocean first sun care formula crafted with reef-friendly ingredients. Made with nano particle-free filters that are 100% biodegradable, packed inside an infinitely recyclable aluminum tube.


LEAVE THE SHELLS BEHIND. This summer snap pics of seashells, don’t take them off the beach! Shells are often home to sea creatures and are an intricate part of the beach ecosystem.

BYO EVERYTHING. Make sure your beach day is packed with reusable items and you’ve got a plastic-free trash bag for your waste. Try a paper bag as a bin for a more compostable approach.

MAKE IT BAMBOO. Try eco-friendly cutlery and tableware from our friends, The Future Is Bamboo. Check out their range of sustainable on-the-go ustensils for a guilt-free meal under the sun.    


Find out when your local Farmers’ Market is being held and go there to get some in-season, local produce. In Canada, we are lucky to indulge in peaches, plums and cherries ripened to perfection.

. Whether you start your own veggie garden or simply grow aromatic herbs on your balcony producing your own food is beneficial to your health, as well as the environment.

Plants act as highly effective air cleaners, absorbing carbon dioxide, plus many air pollutants, while releasing clean oxygen.