Brosses à dents en bambou - Adulte Souple
Brosses à dents en bambou - Adulte Souple

Brosses à dents en bambou - Adulte Souple

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Cet ensemble comprend 4 brosses à dents souples pour adultes, en Bambou:

  • 1 Rose Ensoleillé
  • 1 Lilas Doux
  • 1 Vert Menthe
  • 1 Bleu Glacier


  • Manche en bambou MOSO biodégradable
  • Naturellement antibactérienne
  • Soies douces infusées au charbon actif - SANS BPA

Le futur est bambou une entreprise canadienne durable.

✔ Certifiée P.E.T.A. - Végane & Sans Cruauté
✔ Certifiée F.S.C. - Gestion forestière responsable

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Our best advice is to make sure you keep your toothbrush dry. Bamboo is a natural product, which means it can develop mold, especially in bathrooms where it can become hot and steamy.

We sure do!

1. Simply pluck the bristles of your
toothbrush with your pliers.

2. Don’t try to pull too many in one go.

3. We recommend making a slight rolling movement when pulling.

Note: You can recycle the bristles, but it’s best to check with your local
recycling center first. Then you’re ready to either compost or reuse your bamboo handle!

Here are some of our favorite ways to
reuse your old toothbrush

Make a garden marker

You will need to remove the bristles first. Then, simply write the name of the plant or the herbs in the handle and stick it into the soil.

Create arts and crafts

Can be used in replacements of popsicle sticks for all your kids' awesome, ahem, school projects.

Clean small stuff

Before plucking the bristles you can use it to clean keyboards, around faucet, jewelry, clothing stains, scrub shoes., etc.

Of course! Since we love all animals so much, we would never steal from their food source.

Pandas rely on Pseudosasa japonica (arrow bamboo), although they have been known to also eat Phyllostachys nigra (black bamboo) and Phyllostachys bissetii (bissetii bamboo).

The bamboos we use are called MOSO (Phyllostachys edulis) and TÙC, and they are not varieties pandas eat.

Customer Reviews

Based on 1079 reviews

My son loves these, they are easy, convenient and they taste great. I love that they are flouride free but provide an alternative with nanohydoxyapatate for remineralization!

Jessica Hagarty
Excellent products and EXCELLENT customer service!

I have now placed two orders! I love the tanit tabs toothpaste! I order the charcoal one and the second time they had run out of the packaging for the charcoal one and sent them I. The mint packaging with a note stating why!!! I really liked that!

Janine Lauzon
Very happy

My kids love these toothpaste tablets!

Manon de Ladurantaye
Super fraicheur!

Bon goût et super fraîcheur. Parfait pour sauver du plastique mais aussi pour le voyage.

Céline Perreault