What’s in a Name?
Honouring Tanit, Goddess of Earth & Sky


Tanit? Taint? Tainted? Backwards? Wrong? Not spelled right? A typo? Weird word? Weird concept?

Goddess of Earth & Sky

Welcome to the world of TANIT BOTANICS (yes, N before I), our darling company named in honour of the Carthaginian mother goddess of earth and sky, Tanit.

Worshipped as early as in the 5th century B.C., Tanit represents a symbol of strength, fertility, natural forces, and healing.

She was known as a goddess of the heavens — the moon, the sun, the stars — as well as for being a life force in the desert.

Other symbols connected to Tanit are the dove, which may represent peace and healing; the lion, an image of force and bravery; and the pomegranate, symbolizing fruitfulness and richness.

Her individual stylized symbol, that of a circle on top of a triangle with lines like arms pointing up to the sky, has been found on many stone carvings dating back to ancient Carthage.