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 Why choose Tanit Botanic? 

At TANIT, our mission was always clear — to work from the inside out, using our vision to fuel what we do and what we stand for.

When we saw the devastation caused by plastic waste, stunning landscapes ruined by human consumption, environments being ravaged by modern standards of living, we knew we would not forget those images.

For that reason, we dedicate ourselves to creating sustainable, eco-friendly, and easy-to-use products that still give us the comfort and efficiency we crave while at the same time rethinking how those products are produced, delivered, and used. 

Vegan & Cruelty-free

There are ways to make safe products for humans without harming nature's other precious creatures.

We are cruelty-free and do not use any animal products. Period. It's as simple as that.


When we talk about nature's creatures, we also include marine life.Our products do not harm delicate reefs that suffer the consequences of water waste polluted with invisible plastics, or chemicals found in conventional sunscreen that end up in the ocean.

Seeing that an estimated 5 grams of plastic enters the average human body per week (the equivalent of a credit card), we are on a mission to fight plastic waste for the benefit of all life on Earth.

Natural Fragrances & Flavours

Did you know that fragrances are often not regulated? In other words, products can make claims to be natural but the word "fragrance' on the ingredient list can hide a multitude of chemicals, often ones that are highly toxic. In fact, the general word-fragrance" is one consumers should watch out for when reading packaging. We use only natural fragrances from essential oils and other plant materials, and list all of our ingredients individually so there's no place for sneaky chemicals to hide.

Of course, what applies to our scents is true of our flavours as well. All natural, all the time.

100% Natural Flavours

100% Natural Fragrance

No Synthetic Colours