Rince-bouche en pastilles - Menthe Fraîche (4 mois)
Rince-bouche en pastilles - Menthe Fraîche (4 mois)
Rince-bouche en pastilles - Menthe Fraîche (4 mois)
Rince-bouche en pastilles - Menthe Fraîche (4 mois)

Rince-bouche en pastilles - Menthe Fraîche (4 mois)

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   100% NATUREL


RAFRAÎCHISSANT + NOMADE Faites l'expérience d'une explosion de fraîcheur mentholée où que vous soyez, avec ces pastilles à dissolution instantanée. 

Une formule aux extraits de minéraux et de plantes qui garantit une bouche en santé et une haleine fraîche longue durée, tout en luttant contre la sensibilité dentaire.


  • 4 mois d'approvisionnement dans un sachet 100% compostable 

Abonnez-vous et recevez vos pastilles dans une recharge compostable chaque 4 mois, sans tracas. ANNULEZ À TOUT MOMENT

CONTIENT DU nHAp - une alternative naturelle au fluor dont l'efficacité est scientifiquement prouvée.

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STEP 1: Break one tablet apart with teeth.


STEP 2: Take a sip of water.


STEP 3: Swish together for
30 seconds and spit out. Minty fresh!


TANITABS are formulated with nano-hydroxyapatite (nHAp), which makes up as much as 97% of our tooth enamel and up to 60% of human bones.

NHAp is an ideal and non-toxic alternative to fluoride since it consists of a biocompatible substance that is recognized and accepted by the body. Our nHAp is vegan and not sourced from cow bones

While fluoride helps remineralize teeth with saliva, nHAp directly remineralizes teeth on its own.  

In other words, it fills in microscopic fissures in the enamel and replaces minerals lost over time, working to thus strengthen teeth and prevent cavities. 

It is also effective at helping restore the natural whiteness and smooth surface of teeth with extremely low abrasive qualities.


Our mouthwash tablets are packed with safe, natural ingredients that are scientifically-backed to perform.


Aloe Vera: anti-inflammatory & anti-bacterial extract that fights gingivitis and plaque, for strong, healthy gums.


Zinc Citrate: breath freshener that neutralizes odour-causing bacteria without killing the good bacteria in our mouths.


Xylitol: natural sweetener sourced from birch bark that has been proven to help treat dry mouth by stimulating saliva flow while fighting cavity-causing bacteria.


Our oral care does not contain fluoride.

As a non-toxic alternative, we use nano-hydroxyapatite — nHAp — which is a specific form of the hydroxyapatite mineral that constitutes a large part of our bones and teeth. It is characterized by very tiny particle sizes that can work into very tiny spaces in our enamel (just like the bottom of carious lesions).

NHAp was first developed by NASA for astronauts because they were losing teeth and bone density.

Essentially, it helps remineralize our teeth from within by replenishing the minerals in the enamel that have been lost over time.

ABSOLUTELY! When setting out to develop our TANITABS tablets, we carefully selected high-quality ingredients from nature that are scientifically proven to be effective and safe for human health. Plus, our tablets are sustainably sourced and carefully formulated to our highest standards — in our own laboratory.

Check out our References page to find scientific studies that have tested the effectiveness of nHAp and xylitol, two key ingredients in our oral care tablets.

Also know that we use higher percentages than the industry standard [10% nHAp and 25% xylitol] to offer your greater protection, and that our xylitol is organic.

YES and NO! Our TANITABS tablets are:

– perfectly portioned. Just bite down a tablet and brush with a wet toothbrush as you would with a regular toothpaste. No mess, no product waste, no plastic waste.

– stored in small compostable pouches, making them space-saving and ready for on-the-go. They are convenient for use in the home, the office, the plane, or the gym.

Order your refills by subscription and you and your family are all set! Just make sure TANITABS are always stored tightly sealed to keep freshness in and moisture out.


For children under 3 years old, we recommend crushing a TANITABS tablet into a powder first to avoid choking hazards. Help them dip their wet toothbrush bristles into the powder and foam up for a deep clean, knowing our formula is 100% safe if accidentally swallowed. 


NO, TANITABS tablets are not safe for pets! They contain xylitol, which is good for our mouths but highly toxic to dogs and cats. Make sure to keep TANITABS tablets out of the reach of your pets to keep them safe.

YES! All our TANITABS toothpaste tablets have an Abrasive index (RDA) under 70, meaning they are harmless for sensitive teeth. Plus, they contain nHAp (nano-hydroxyapatite), a mineral form that helps reduce teeth sensitivity with extremely low abrasively.

FACT: A study found that brushing with a nHAp-based toothpaste improved tooth sensitivity equal to a fluoride toothpaste after as little as 2 weeks. You can check out our Reference pages for more scientific studies about nHAp!

Even though they act in quiet different ways, both nHAp and fluoride remineralize teeth. However, nHAp is a 100% biocompatible substance, which means that it is completely safe and non-toxic — even in large doses.

Other benefits of nHAp over fluoride:

– It doesn’t upset our oral microbiome balance. It works by preventing the harmful bacteria from settling onto the enamel just as effectively as antibacterial agents like fluoride, but without killing off the good bacteria in our mouths.

– It can gently brighten and whiten teeth with a natural polishing effect. Because it fills in our tooth enamel with enamel, it alters the appearance of our teeth to look whiter.

Customer Reviews

Based on 1910 reviews
Camille Grenier
Camille-Belle découverte Québecoise!

J’ai reçu un coffret en cadeau. J’utilise les pastilles dentifrice et rince-bouche depuis déjà 4 mois. Après une petite période d’adaptation, je ne reviendrais pas à mes anciens produits. De plus, je suis fière de contribuer à réduire mon empreinte carbone…tous les petites actions comptent!!! J’ai aussi essayé la crème solaire en vacances. Excellent produit qui protège et hydrate mais surtout non collant! Le seul produit dont je suis moins satisfaite est le déodorant. Les fragrances sentent très bon mais il n’est pas efficace pour moi pour toute la journée…peut-être travaillez-vous sur une formule améliorée actuellement…Merci pour vos autres excellents produits!

Slavka Cote Claveau
Une belle découverte !

J'ai acheté la boîte découverte et jusqu'à maintenant j'ai essayé le dentifrice et le rince-bouche. J'adore et je ne reviendrais pas en arrière avec de la pâte à dent commerciale. Il me reste à essayer le shampoing et revitalisant en barre... à suivre !

J'aime savoir que mes petits gestes auront un impact positif sur l'environnement. C'est un geste à la fois que nous changeons nos habitudes !


Excellent produit ! Nous l’adorons !

Bonjour ,

Un grand merci pour vos aimables mots ! Votre soutien nous encourage à maintenir la qualité de nos produits. Si vous avez des questions ou souhaitez partager plus d'expériences, n'hésitez pas à nous contacter. Nous sommes là pour vous ! ✨


Going to take them on my vacation. Room saver and work awesomely

Rhoda Morency
Expérience différente et agréable

Wow c’est vraiment différent comme expérience. Je dirais que cela ne laisse pas de résidu collant sur ma brosse et comme on dir: ça semble faire la job 😀

Bonjour Rhoda,
Un grand merci pour vos aimables mots ! Votre soutien nous encourage à maintenir la qualité de nos produits. Si vous avez des questions ou souhaitez partager plus d'expériences, n'hésitez pas à nous contacter. Nous sommes là pour vous ! ✨