4 Fall Tips to Keep a Glowing Skin all Season Long

🍂 If the leaves are turning and changing colours where you live already, then your skin is probably starting to experience a change in the way it behaves, meaning it's time to transition your skincare routine. 

The change in season brings with it drier air and colder temperatures, both of which can take a toll on your skin without the right support.  Some common challenges that can get worse during these times include dry peeling face, itchy skin, and breakouts.

Your skin deserves and needs some extra attention to be ready to face whatever comes it way this season! Here are some of TANIT best tricks to help you achieve and maintain a healthy, radiant glow:

1.  Hydrate your skin!

Providing water to your skin – inside and out – will help your moisturizing product penetrate and work better.

Has your skin ever been so dry that it has a worn out, dull and parched look to it?  You apply your best moisturizer and work it in, but it doesn’t cooperate?

It’s most probably because you need to hydrate before you moisturize.

We all know the importance of drinking enough water, but did you know how flower water mists (hydrolats) are essential for an effective skincare routine?

The reason behind is simple: hydrolats leave a thin layer of moisture on our skin.  Because they are mostly water, they strongly attract and retain water molecules.  Packed with humectants, they can draw in moisture from the environment to the outer layer of the skin.

And, from a scientific standpoint, applying a layer of moisture to prep and prime your skin before using any moisturizing product is the key to benefiting from all the properties of its active ingredients!

2.  Pump up the moisture!

Our skin will soon feel the effects of the cooler winds arriving here in North America, and supporting the deep layers of your skin by feeding them more hydration than you did in the summer months will help keep dryness and flakiness at bay.

Look for a plant-based moisturizer with antioxidant-packed ingredients and hyaluronic acid which will work to restore the skin's optimal moisture levels.

3.  Seal in all that moisture!

To protect all your hydrating efforts from vanishing into thin air, seal them in with a water-free oil.  

It will lock moisture into the skin, nourish its cells and create a protective barrier against environmental toxins, making any skin looking and feeling healthier – with a natural glow.

A lightweight, non-comedogenic oil is an ideal choice for dry, sensitive, and oily skins, because it is easily absorbed by the skin and it won't clog pores or cause breakouts.

▶ So here’s the trick to remember: hydrating your skin doesn’t work if you’re not sealing in that moisture. And the same goes for applying a moisturizer without first hydrating your skin!

4.  Exfoliate more regularly – but be gentle!

One of the most important things you can do for your skin after repeated sun exposure is exfoliation. 

People often run a mile away from it to preserve their tan, but what many don't know is that tan is actually scorched skin.  And it’s keeping all the skincare goodness – the stuff we need to rehydrate – from getting in there and doing its job.

Exfoliating regularly is also a great way to reduce the dead skin cells build-up which will start as the air gets cooler, so make sure to choose a chemical-free face scrub that does not irritate or dry out your skin.

Even though our Silky Face Scrub was specifically developed for everyday mild skin exfoliation, our best advice is: LISTEN TO YOUR SKIN!

Some people can (and should) exfoliate each day, while others might need it once a week — listen carefully for signals from your own skin and pair back how often you’re working the scrub into your routine.