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Have you found yourself telling your friends, family, or followers about TANIT products? Don't you think you should be rewarded? We do.

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    Are you ready to become a TANIT ambassador but worried you don’t have a big enough following to be a part of the affiliate program? We get it!

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      As part of our affiliate program, you’ll be bringing awareness on eco-conscious products and helping more people get in on all the goodness of TANIT.

      In exchange for that and in addition to the commission, you’ll get exclusive benefits like events and early access to our new products. Plus, all our affiliates have a chance to be featured on our social media channels.


        It's as easy as 1-2-3!

        1.  Sign up HERE and get access to your affiliate dashboard

        2.  Choose your unique promo code + generate your custom discount link

        3.  Start earning commission:

             ✔ Tell all your friends and family about your promo code 
             ✔ Share your code or custom discount link with your followers
             ✔ Enter your Paypal email to get paid (inside your dashboard)

        4. Track your sales inside your affiliate dashboard and click on "request a payout" so we can get notified and make the payment!