Reusable Spray Bottle

Reusable Spray Bottle

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Use this Glass Spray Bottle again and again with REVOLUBAR Cleaner Tablet Refills, keeping countless amounts of plastic waste out of landfills and waterways.

The sleek, elegant design matches any decor, and is made perfectly transparent to show you exactly how much cleaner is left. Convenient, classy, and conscious!

✔ Safe for use with hot water

✔ Glass bottle for long-term durability

✔ Cork base for a good grip, slipping prevention, and stylish look

  • FSC
  • Cruelty-free & Vegan 

✔ Designed for countless re-use

✔ 100% recyclable packaging

Carbon Negative Shipment
Easy 60 Day Returns
Rewards with Every Purchase

One Bottle, Endless Refills

The problem with household cleaners? The millions of tons of plastic waste that's generated when these products get thrown away after use – and its link back onto us through increased eco fees at the
checkout counters!

Conventional cleaners are made with up to 95% of water. They are bulky and heavy, adding extra weight on our already-heavy climate bill.

We are proud to offer REVOLUBAR: a solution that generates 100 times fewer transport emissions  while helping eliminate plastic waste at the source.

Our Cleaner Tablets come in 100% compostable pouches and are designed to be used with their Glass Spray Bottles.


NO! Our cleaners use only natural or naturally derived ingredients, such as plant enzymes and acids. They’re as safe for your family as they are for your home, all without losing any performance or effectiveness.

With no specific testing, we cannot claim the ingredients are hypoallergenic. However, REVOLUBAR cleaners have been developed without known allergens.

We’re glad you like our fresh scents, but no, we don’t use any chemical fragrances.

All our fragrances — and colours, for that matter — are 100% natural to keep you safe.

Our cleaners’ fragrances are only blends of pure essential oils.

There are many types of septic tanks, but our cleaner tablets are
completely plastic-free, biodegradable, and don’t contain harsh chemicals such as solvents or bleach.

The shelf life of our cleaner tablets is 2 years if you keep them tightly sealed in their pouches, but only 1 year once they’re dissolve.

Customer Reviews

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Carrier Manon
Pastilles pour lave-vaisselle

Après avoir essayé, j’adopte ces pastilles qui lavent efficacement la vaisselle. De plus, elles ne sont pas emballées individuellement et le sac qui les contient est 100% compostable.

Karen M
Love the smell

These are very nice soap pods. They dissolve very well and so far have not plugged up my dispenser like other brands.Have only tried a couple so far, but am loving them!

Sasha Theron
Excellent Customer Service

Ibwas provided with a great product. And when something needed replacing, replacement parts were mailed to me immediately. Very happy with everything and would highly recommend this product.

Thank you very much for your rate. This means a lot to Tanit's team.

Louise Presseau
Tablettes lave vaisselle

J’adore les tablettes. Elles nettoient vraiment bien la vaisselle et ne requièrent pas de produits séchant.

Merci beaucoup Louise pour votre retour.
Votre satisfaction nous ai très importante!

Ginette St-pierre

A date je suis très satisfaite