Eco Floss Picks
Eco Floss Picks

Eco Floss Picks

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Hart to reach molars? Tight teeth? Disabilities? These Eco Floss Picks are an earth-friendly alternative to conventional plastic floss picks.

They come in Charcoal-Lemon or Fresh Mint - 50 Floss Picks per bag.

✔ Floss picks made from plant-based PLA – derived from Corn, Cassava and Beets

✔ Vegan threat – no silk!

  • FSC
  • Cruelty-free & Vegan 


✔ Sustainably printed with soy-based ink

Carbon Negative Shipment
Easy 60 Day Returns
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What About End of Life?

The PLA-based floss picks are 100%
recyclable, but they can also be composted in Industrial Composting Factories.

The vegan floss thread is not compostable. Please make sure to cut it before tossing. It is BPA-free though, meaning it can be recycled (always call your local recycling centers ahead to know if they can recycle it!)


We use a safe alternative to Worm Silk Floss (which is not vegan, not cruelty free), with our ultra-high molecular weight PE (UHMWPE) for the floss in our Eco Floss Picks. UHMWPE spun fibres were produced by utilizing terpene as an alternative to petrochemicals.

The use of terpene oil as an alternative to petrochemicals provides an environmentally friendly process. Since it is from a renewable source (i.e., orange peel), it is sustainable.

According to the Higg Index (Higg Index Holistically Measures Social &
Environmental Impacts throughout the Value Chain
), Worm Silk has by
far the worst impact on the environment of any textile, including polyester, viscose/rayon, and lyocell. It's worse than the much-demonized cotton, using more fresh water, causing more water pollution, and emitting more greenhouse

Silk is made from fibers spun by worms, who are animals, in a process that's surprisingly cruel and typically ends with the worms being killed.

PLA may be composted in Industrial Composting Factories.  You can check for more info!

Of course! Since we love all animals so much, we would never steal from their food source.

Pandas rely on Pseudosasa japonica (arrow bamboo), although they have been known to also eat Phyllostachys nigra (black bamboo) and Phyllostachys bissetii (bissetii bamboo).

The bamboos we use are called MOSO (Phyllostachys edulis) and TÙC, and they are not varieties pandas eat.

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Laura Lavoie

Kit découverte - SOURIRES SAINS

Toothpaste Tablets

I absolutely love these tablets! They work very well and even seems to brighten my teeth. Better for the environment too!

Patsy Scott
Totally awesome

Wow, wow, wow! I used to buy an expensive Revitin toothpaste, until my dental hygienist mentioned using nano-hydroxyapatite & xylitol. She was recommending a David's toothpaste, but a friend recommended the Tanit tablets as also being environmentally-friendly. So...not only do I brush, but then I swish the foam for several minutes before spitting. SO REFRESHING. And my teeth feel like they have just been polished. AND I may be imagining it, but are they getting whiter? All the while, knowing that this new technology is remineralizing my teeth without the use of toxic fluoride. I'm very happy!!!


I love these tooth tabs. They are fresh and effective and they foam up so nicely. I also really appreciate the good quality ingredients. I have had these on subscription for more than a year now and am happy to continue with it.

Myriam Landry martel

Rince-bouche en pastilles