Shampoo Bar Ciel d&
Shampoo Bar Ciel d&

Shampoo Bar Ciel d'Azur - Dry Hair

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TANIT Shampoo Bars have been carefully formulated to our highest standards and designed to address various hair concerns.

Each bar is designed to breathe new life into your locks while providing a unique sensory experience thanks to its foaming formula and clean, fresh, natural scents.

✔ With plant extracts, natural clays, organic oils & micro-algae extracts
✔ Gentle (pH-balanced)
✔ Ready for on-the-go
✔ 100% compostable packaging


CIEL D'AZUR  Dry & brittle hair hydration | Smoothes + Hydrates + Repairs


Detailed steps and recommendations can be found in the FAQ section (Frequently Asked Questions), at the bottom of this page.

  • 100% Natural
  • Biodegradable
  • Cruelty-free & Vegan
  • Preservative-free
  • Plastic-free
  • Rich Lather
  • Made in Canada


On average, TANIT Shampoo Bars reduce the waste caused by 8 plastic 250 mL bottles of conventional shampoo per person, per year.

Sodium cocoyl isethionate*, Kaolin, Oriza sativa powder, Mangifera indica butter, Simmondsia chinensis seed extract, Cocos nucifera oil, Stearic acid, Argania spinosa kernel oil, Aloe barbadensis leaf extract, Ricinus Communis seed extract, Rosa damascena flower water, Spirulina platensis extract, Cider vinegar, Hydrolized vegetable protein, Natural fragance, Mica.

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Normal hair requires a steady care routine to prevent moisture and vitality loss.

OASIS shampoo deeply nourishes the hair and protects the scalp, leaving hair healthy from the inside out.

Experience a uniquely foaming formula that gently cleanses your hair with an enveloping fresh scent.


citrus + vanilla


Crafted with Rhassoul volcanic Clay, a purifying mineral used to care for hair that dates back to the 8th century.

The clay's natural sediments absorb toxins and deep cleanses without drying the scalp.

The substance is unmodified, fitting perfectly in the cycle of nature and respecting the hair's fibre.


Experience the powerful properties of the Prickly Pear powder, extracted from the Prickly Pear. A superfruit that helps invigorate the scalp, fighting hair loss and promoting healthy re-growth.

Highly rich in Vitamin E, it naturally restores vitality and shine to dull hair.

The antioxidants found in the powder protect the hair against damage caused by external aggressions and urban stress.


Castor Oil and Rosewater co-exist to nourish and soothe the scalp naturally.

Castor Oil is a nutrient-rich vegetable oil with essential proteins and fatty acids. Its properties increase the flow of oxygen to the hair follicle and infuse it with hydration from root-to-tip.

Rosewater is a natural calming agent that helps relieve irritated scalp and calm hair, preventing frizz and split ends.


Dry hair develops when the hair does not retain enough moisture, causing it to appear dull and rough to the touch.

CIEL D'AZUR shampoo helps maintain optimal hydration levels and repairs brittle hair while preventing future damage.

Experience a uniquely foaming formula that gently cleanses your hair with an enveloping fresh scent. 


peach + vanilla


Crafted with White Clay, a natural mineral which absorbs impurities from damaged hair without stripping it of its natural keratin. 

The regenerative properties of the clay increase the flow of oxygen to the hair follicle and helps repair brittle strands, leaving hair soft naturally.


Crafted with Mango Butter, a deeply moisturizing effect on both strands and the scalp.

Mango Butter has the power to lock in moisture by wrapping the hair in a greasy film. Its nourishing properties naturally soften the hair fiber.

Frizz and static are reduced, and split ends are smoothed naturally.


Crafted with Spirulina, a precious marine micro-algae.

Exceptionally high in proteins and beta-carotene, this superfood is selected for promoting healthy re-growth and protecting layers of the scalp from daily agressions.

Another promoter of healthy hair is Coconut. Naturally rich in iron and vitamins, Coconut oil helps fortify and revive the hair from the inside out.


In some instances, the scalp's glands create an excess in sebum that can make hair look greasy in between washes.

AURORE BORÉALE shampoo works to restore the scalp's natural balance while adding body to the hair.

Experience a uniquely foaming formula that gently cleanses your hair with an enveloping fresh scent.


lemon + mint


Green clay and Nettle extract co-exist and work together to extend the hair wash cycle.

Green Clay is a powerful volcanic mineral which is able to absorb excess sebum build-up while detoxifying hair.

Nettle is rich in zinc, an element that balances the scalp's natural oils and pH.


Nettle extract also works to restore and preserve hair’s thickness and volume.

It helps fortify hair strands from the inside out and lift fine hair.


Formulated with Tetraselmis Chui extract, a TANIT pattented micro-algae grown in our labs.

Selected as a highly effective element to reduce sebum levels, it also protects the hair from urban stress that may trigger dandruff and scalp itching.

Another natural remedy for sensitive scalps is Black cumin seed oil. Its 100+ active ingredients act quickly to moisturize the scalp, without leaving it greasy.


STEP 1:  Wet hair and run bar under warm water (≈ 3 sec).

STEP 2:  Rub bar directly on scalp, near your forehead. Work it in small, circular motions towards the base of your neck to create a lather. (Lift hair off your neck if needed). Swipe bar along the sides of your head, by your ears.

STEP 3:  Put bar aside and massage the lather onto the rest of your hair.  Rinse thoroughly.  Allow bar to dry completely between uses.

Yes, it’s completely normal and even to be expected that your hair will take some time to adjust to not being bombarded with chemicals.

Your roots and the hair shaft will soon get used to a healthy, thorough clean with rich lather using only 100% natural ingredients…and will be thanking you in no time!

We’re glad you like our fresh scents, but no, we don’t use any chemical fragrances.

All our fragrances — and colours, for that matter — are 100% natural to keep you safe.

That all depends on how often you use it, how you store it and the kind of hair you have (length and thickness).

On average, TANIT Shampoo Bars last for 25 to 35 washes.

To help your bar last longer and avoid melting, make sure not to let it in direct contact with water while showering and to keep it dry after each use!

One 250 mL liquid shampoo is equivalent to approximately 25 uses, or 1.5 months of use (counting 1 shampoo every 2 days). Over a year, this is equivalent to bottles of shampoo.

As a result, using TANIT Shampoo bars reduce the waste caused by 8 plastic 250 mL bottles of conventional shampoo per person, per year (on average).

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